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TIA approves lime green as identifying colour for OM5 fibre-optic cable

12th April 2017

Wideband multimode fibre (WBMMF), now known as OM5........

In October 2016, the international cabling standards development body ISO/IEC (International Organisation for Standardisation/International Electrotechnical Commission) decided that the nomenclature to be used for wideband multimode fibre (WBMMF) is to be known as OM5.

OM5 product set in lime green. In February 2017, a subcommittee within the Telecommunications Industry Association’s (TIA) TR-42 committee, which develops cabling standards primarily used in North America) decided that the jacket colour used to visually identify OM5 cable will be lime green.


TIA’s TR-42.12 Optical Fibres and Cables subcommittee approved lime green as the OM5 jacket colour in the committee’s meeting that took place the week of February 6.  Addendum 2 to the TIA-598-D standard will add lime green the official OM5 jacket colour. This is then likely to become the accepted colour ident across the world.

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