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Possessing many years of experience, we at Total Comms Training have been delivering training and development programmes and more recently, consultancy services to a wide range of organisations, governing bodies, corporate businesses and individuals.







Some large organisations and companies, actually pay one of the biggest operators of data centres in the UK to put their own equipment and servers in specialised locations. These locations (co-locations) are chosen essentially to provide security, reliable power supplies (no outages) and rapid connections to the some of the world’s key telecoms networks.

Well-known customers of this particular data centre company include a number of high profile social networking web sites, renowned UK broadcasters, for example, the BBC, ITV, and some “on line” music streaming service providers. But that’s not all, many "top-tier" telecoms firms and investment banks also use the very specialised service that this data centre operator provides.

It is often said, that the Internet has become an "umbilical cord" for people of all ages, and the challenge that we were given, here at Total Comms Training, was to provide an intensive series of data and fibre optic training events and assessments, spanning several different sites throughout the south east of England and the near continent.

With incredibly tight time schedules, Total Comms Training rose to this unique set of circumstances and delivered the events to time and well within the budget allocation.

Of course, we are bound by client confidentially, so we cant reveal the extent or nature of the courses that we delivered.

However we can report that the training was not only welcomed but was specified for a number of further sites in the UK and in Europe.




The external European news gathering division of NBC, the US premier TV channel, approached Total Comms Training to deliver a specially designed "bespoke" course, to take into account fast interchangeable fibre optic connections that are the mark of the busy broadcaster.

The course itself, involved a high level of consultation with the key task in mind, to ensure that the field engineers could carry out repeatable connectorisation, seamlessly and to high endface quality standards. The anticipated delivery of the course was only decided in a last minute series of late night telephone calls, between the US and the UK NBC engineering teams.

At the heart of the training was our commitment to delivers 'quality training to the field engineers, with a view to enhancing and developing the existing skills and further refining those skills.

The course was delivered by Mat Davies, because the client demanded the highest level of training, commitment and dedication from us…and we not only met that expectation, we exceeded it.

Let's face it, deploying a news team and getting that equipment to work faultlessly is taken as read.

All thanks to our course and a few sleepless nights as well!





The €1.2 billion Transforming Dublin Airport investment programme has been the primary vehicle in the upgrading and modernising of facilities on the airport campus from 2006 to 2010. Part of this very necessary upgrade meant that some training was needed, in particular for the cabling installers who were expected to install Cat6a cabling and fibre optic campus cabling.

The client specified that all training must be carried out in between shift patterns and it also had to follow the City and Guilds 3667 syllabus. At Total Comms Training, we always sit down with the client and work out what is the optimum means of delivering courses taking into account things like delegate interaction, practical sessions and the types of product training that the delegates might have already had.

The courses were delivered over a 6 week period and in total, 40 engineers received the training which was delivered in accordance with the need to keep shift patterns intact. All in all, a series of training sessions that we can all take pride in, says Chris Mitchell, who afterwards said that he has an affection for Dublin Airport, than no other airport can match.



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