Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer

| Candidates: 8 | Duration: 5 | £2,550.00 +VAT

As data rates increase and systems become more complex, there are more factors that can impair system performance. This course is designed to help you master the fibre optic tests that are required to prove that advanced fibre infrastructures can support high data rate applications (10Gb/s, 40Gb/s, 100Gb/s) as well as extended wavelength range operation for DWDM and CWDM systems.

Typically it is necessary to characterise fibres when dark fibre contracts are signed, to prove that the fibres will operate satisfactorily for the duration of the contract period.

You will learn to apply the full power of modern multi-purpose test platforms with their powerful array of measurement capabilities to carry out these tests including bi-directional OTDR testing, chromatic dispersion, Polarisation Mode Dispersion (PMD) and spectral attenuation. You'll be able to process the results swiftly and efficiently, using test report software, to provide full system documentation.

By appreciating the issues behind the tests you will be able to assess link performance intelligently against application support criteria.

Please note that to undertake this course, we assume that you have some previous experience of basic OTDR testing.

Typical job roles of attendees include: fibre optic test engineer; technical support; project supervisor.


Explain the significance of fibre specifications including G.652.A, B, C & D, G.655.x, G.656 and G.657

Identify the characteristics of the infrastructure that can impair system performance

Design and plan test programmes to meet customer and operational requirements

Interpret test specifications

Describe the purpose of OTDR & OSA testing

Analyse OTDR traces and event tables

Analyse OSA scans and tables

Explain what chromatic dispersion is and how it is measured

Master PMD and explain how it can be measured

Perform full fibre characterisation on installed fibre systems

Interpret the results of fibre characterisation and map against application support criteria

This course is assessed via a series of practical assessments plus a written examination

This course is subject to vat and is inclusive of all examination fees.

This course gives you a true hands-on experience, using specially constructed test rigs.

You will also receive a USB drive with extra resources including reference information and review exercises.

In addition, you will receive a comprehensive, up-to-date, indexed course manual.

With a successful pass in both assessments, you will gain Certified Fibre Characterisation Engineer (CFCE) status.

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