RCDD Registered Communications Distribution Designer Course

BICSI RCDD | Candidates: 6 | Duration: 5 days | £2,345.00 +VAT

This course is offered as part of our partnership with the Networks Centre.

The Registered Communications Distribution Designer Course (RCDD) is designed for IT Professionals seeking to gain an advanced understanding of telecommunication systems.

The BICSI RCDD DD102 is an intensive 5-day course that focuses on designing a structured cabling system. You will design telecommunications spaces, horizontal and backbone distribution systems, respond to and bid an RFQ and select media. Effective strategies utilised to enhance your learning experience.  This includes case studies and structured application exercises using modernised blueprints with solutions based upon real-world conditions.

  • ICT designers with at least two years of on- the-job experience in low-voltage cabling systems
  • Professionals responsible for designing IP-enabled building systems (e.g., security, AV, HVAC)
  • Individuals looking for a review of telecommunications distribution systems

The content of this course utilises the followinjg materials:

  • Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) 13th edition
  • ANSI/TIA/EIA standards
  • National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • National Electrical Safety Code (NESC)
  • Lightning Protection Standard (NFPA 780)
  • Best Practices from numerous international codes and standards

The RCDD examination is comprised of 100 multiple-choice questions. You are allotted 2 and 1/2 hours to complete the exam. The exam is designed to test your knowledge and ability
to solve problems in situations by applying the acquired knowledge (knowledge- and application-based questions).

This course is priced at £2345.00 plus VAT.

Please note that ALL examinations are subject to a separate fee of £350.00

Prerequisite Requirements

To sit for the RCDD examination, you must first have:

Five years of information and communications technology (ICT) industry design experience within the last 10 years.
Two years of verifiable ICT design experience within the last 10 years and three years of additional ICT equivalents chosen from combinations of experience, approved education and approved ICT license/certification (i.e. NTS, WD, CCNA). BICSI reserves the right to determine what is approved curriculum and approved ICT license/certification.

BICSI verifies references and processes applications in the order they were received. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you apply for the RCDD examination well in advance of when you would like to take the exam.

To undertake this course, you will require the following materials:
• Your student workbook
• Print or Electronic Version of the Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM) 13th Edition
• A laptop or tablet

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